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Session 3.2
Session 3.2 Quick Check
1. Describe two ways of merging a range of cells into one.
2. How do you clear a format from a cell without affecting the underlying data?
3. How do you add a background image to the active worksheet?
4. To control the amount of space between the content on a page and its edges, you can
adjust the page’s .
5. By default, Excel prints what part of the active worksheet?
6. How do you define a print area? How do you remove a print area?
7. How do you insert a page break into your worksheet?
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you learned how to use Excel’s formatting tools to design your worksheet.
You saw how to quickly format cells using the buttons on the Formatting toolbar, and you
learned how the Format Cells dialog box can give you even more control over the appear-
ance of your worksheet. You saw how to create and edit cell borders using the Borders
button and the Draw Borders button. You also learned how to change cell backgrounds
using colors and patterns and external graphic files. The tutorial also demonstrated how to
apply the formats in one cell range to another through the use of the Format and Replace
dialog box and through styles. Finally, you learned how to format the appearance of your
printed worksheet through the use of customized headers, footers, and print areas.
Key Terms
font size
font style
Format Painter
General number format
page break
page break preview
print area
sans serif font
serif font
Review Assignments
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: Region1.xls
Joan Sanchez has another report that she wants to format. The report displays regional
sales for the three monitor brands you worked on earlier. As before, Joan wants to work on
the overall appearance of the worksheet so the printout of the report is polished and pro-
fessional looking. Figure 3-39 shows a preview of the worksheet you’ll create for Joan.
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
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