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Session 3.2
Figure 3-40
To complete this task:
1. Open the Frosti1 workbook located in the Tutorial.03\Cases folder included with
your Data Files, and then save the workbook as Frosti2 in the same folder.
2. In the Documentation sheet, enter your name and the current date. Format the date
so that it is displayed as Weekday , Month Day, Year where Weekday is the day of the
week, Month is the full month name, Day is the day of the month, and Year is the
four-digit year.
3. Switch to the Glove Sales worksheet. Merge the cells in the range A1:H1 into a single
cell. Display the cell text in a bold white 20-point Arial font on a sky blue back-
ground. Center the text horizontally. Repeat this formatting for the cell range A2:H2
and A3:H3, except make the text size 12 points.
4. Merge range A4:A17 into a single cell. Display the text in a yellow 16-point bold
Arial font on a sky blue background. Change the orientation of the text to 90 degrees,
and then align the contents of the cell horizontally and vertically. (Hint: For more
information on aligning text within a cell, read the Help topics “Indent text in a cell”
and “Position data in a cell.”) Apply the formatting of cell A4 to cells A18 and A32.
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