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Session 3.2
5. Select the noncontiguous range B4:H4;B4:B17. Display the cell text in yellow on a
blue background. Right-align the contents of cells B4:B17 and indent the contents of
those cells one unit. Center the contents of the cells B4:G4.
6. Select the range C5:G16. Display the contents of these cells using blue text on a light
turquoise background. Apply this same formatting to cell H17.
7. Select the noncontiguous range B17:H17;H4:H17 and display the contents of those
cells in bold.
8. Apply borders to the sales report as follows. First select the range C5:G16 and apply
the All Borders border style to those cells. Select the range B4:G16 and apply a thick
box border to the range. Also apply thick outside borders to the cell ranges B17:H17
and H4:H17 and the cell A4.
9. Copy the cell range A4:H17 and paste the format of this cell range into the range
10. Define the cell range A1:H45 as the print area. Repeat the first three rows on each
page of the printout. Insert a page break at rows 18 and 32.
11. Create a horizontally centered header for the printout displaying the text, “FrostiWear
Sales Report.” Create a footer on the right corner of the page displaying your name on
one line, the date on the second line, and the workbook filename on the third. Insert
a centered footer displaying the text, “Page page of pages ,” where page is the page
number and pages is the number of pages in the printout.
12. Set the orientation of the printout to landscape. Horizontally center the contents of
each printed page.
13. Print the contents of the Glove Sales worksheet.
14. Save and close the workbook.
Case Problem 2
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Packing1.xls
GrillRite Grills Brian Simpko is a shipping manager at GrillRite Grills. He uses an Excel
worksheet to calculate and provide shipping and order information in GrillRite’s pack-
ages. He asks for your help formatting the worksheet to develop a packing slip that cus-
tomers will find informative and easy to read. Figure 3-41 shows a preview of the
formatted worksheet you’ll create for Brian.
Use the skills you have
learned to create a
packing slip for
GrillRite Grills.
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