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Session 3.2
Figure 3-41
To complete this task:
1. Open the Packing1 workbook located in the Tutorial.03\Cases folder included with
your Data Files, and then save the workbook as Packing2 in the same folder. Enter
your name and the date in the Documentation sheet, and then switch to the Packing
Slip sheet.
2. Select all of the cells in the worksheet and set the background color to white.
3. Select the cell range A1:D1, and change the background color to black and the font
color to white. Merge cells A1 and B1. Within cell A1 select the text “GrillRite” and
increase the font size to 36 points. Set the font size of the text in cell D1 to 28 points.
Vertically align the contents of cells A1 and D1 with the top of the cell. Right-align
the contents of cell D1.
4. Select the noncontiguous cell range A3:A5;C3:C5 and display the text in bold. Right-
align the text and increase the indent by one character.
5. Change the format of the date in cell D3 to month day , year where month is the full
name of the month, day is the day of the month, and year is the 4-digit year value.
6. Select the noncontiguous cell range B3:B5;D3:D5 and add borders around each cell
in the range.
7. Display the text in cells B7, D7, A8, A10, C8, and C10 in bold. Right-align the text in
cells A8, A10, C8, and C10 and indent one character. Add borders around cells B8
and D8.
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