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Session 3.2
8. Select the cell range B10:B15. Merge the cells and then place a border around the
merged cell. Vertically align the contents of this cell with the top of the cell. Repeat
these steps for the cell range D10:D15.
9. Select the cell range A17:D17 and change the background color to black and the font
color to white. Place a border around the cell ranges A18:A35, B18:B35, C18:C35,
and D18:D35. Place a border around cell D36. Right-align the contents of cell C36
and increase the indent by one character.
10. Display the text in cell A37 in bold. Select the cell range A38:D46 and merge the
cells. Change the vertical alignment of the merged cells to top. Place a border around
the merged cell. Display the text in cell D47 in a 16-point bold italic font. Right-align
the contents of the cell.
11. Set the print area to the range A1:D47. Set the left and right margins to 0.5 inches.
Display your name, the date, and the filename on separate lines in the lower-left footer.
12. Print the formatted Packing Slip worksheet in the portrait orientation.
13. Save and close the workbook.
Case Problem 3
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Blades1.xls
Davis Blades Andrew Malki is a financial officer at Davis Blades, a leading manufacturer
of roller blades. He has recently finished entering data for the yearly sales report. Andrew
has asked you to help him with the design of the main table in the report. A preview of
the format you will apply is shown in Figure 3-42.
Using Figure 3-42 as
your guide, challenge
yourself by experiment-
ing with more formatting
techniques to enhance
a worksheet presenting
regional sales figures.
Figure 3-42
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