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Session 4.1
Alicia wants you to create a column chart for the sales data, in which values are
arranged into separate columns. To see whether the chart you are creating is the right one,
you will click the button in the first dialog box that lets you preview the chart before con-
tinuing with the Chart Wizard.
To select the chart type and preview it:
1. Verify that the Column chart type is selected in the Chart type list box and that the first
sub-type, Clustered Column , is also selected.
2. Press the Press and Hold to View Sample button, but do not release the mouse button. A
preview of the selected chart is displayed, as shown in Figure 4-6.
Figure 4-6
Preview of the clustered column chart
p r eview of
the chart
p r ess and hold to
preview the chart
The Chart Wizard has assigned a different colored column to represent the sales values within
each region. The legend on the right identifies the regions. The blue columns represent the
United States, the maroon columns represent Europe, and the yellow columns represent Asia.
Though the size of the Sample pane prevents you from viewing much of the chart’s detail,
you can see that the columns are clustered into groups; each group represents a different
model. The first cluster represents sales for the BrightStar 6 telescope. The second cluster
represents sales for the BrightStar 8 and so forth. Because this is the chart type that Alicia
wants you to create, you can continue to the next step of the Chart Wizard.
3. Release the mouse button, and then click the Next button to go to step 2 of the Chart Wizard.
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