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Session 4.1
To organize the data source by rows:
1. Click the Rows option button. Excel changes the orientation of the data source. The cate-
gory values now represent the three regions rather than the four telescope models. See
Figure 4-8.
Figure 4-8
Changing the orientation of the data source
each telescope
model is a data
each row
a different
data series
category values are
based on region
You can further define the data range using the Series tab. From this tab, you can add
or remove individual data series from the chart or change the category values. Although it
is recommended that you select the data series before starting the Chart Wizard, it is not
necessary because you can define all of the data series and chart values using the Series
tab. However, selecting the data series first does save time. You will switch to the Series
tab so you can view its options.
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