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Session 4.1
To view the Series tab:
1. Click the Series tab. The Series tab lists all of the data series used in the chart and the cor-
responding cell references for the cell that contains the name of the data series, the cells
that contain the values for the data series, and the cells the contain the category labels.
Note that the cell references include the name of the sheet from which the values are
selected. See Figure 4-9.
Series tab
Figure 4-9
cell containing the
name of the
selected data series
cell range
containing the
data values of the
selected data series
list of
data series
displayed in
the chart
cell range
containing the
category labels
of the selected
data source
click to add or
remove a data
You do not have to make any changes in the data series at this point, so you will continue in
the Chart Wizard.
2. Click the Next button to go to step 3 of the Chart Wizard.
Choosing Chart Options
The third step of the Chart Wizard provides the options that you can use to control the
appearance of the chart. To better understand the options available to you, first you’ll
explore the terminology that Excel uses with respect to charts. Figure 4-10 shows the ele-
ments of a typical Excel chart.
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