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Computer Software
Utilities are another category of system software that augment the operating system by
taking over some of its responsibility for allocating hardware resources. There are many
utilities that come with the operating system, but some independent software developers
offer utilities for sale separately. For example, Norton Utilities is a very popular collection
of utility software.
Each peripheral device requires a device driver , or simply driver , which is system software
that helps the computer communicate with that particular device. When you add a device to
an existing computer, part of its installation includes adding its device driver to the computer’s
The last type of system software is computer programming languages , which a pro-
grammer uses to write computer instructions. The instructions are translated into electrical
signals that the computer can manipulate and process. Some examples of popular pro-
gramming languages are BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, Ada, Java, JavaScript, CGI, and Perl.
As you get ready to make your recommendations to Mr. Paik, you realize that the primary
factor in deciding the computer specifications you choose to purchase is the software his
employees will be using.
Application Software
Application software enables you to perform specific computer tasks. In the business
world, some examples of tasks that are accomplished with application software are docu-
ment production, spreadsheet calculations, and database management. In addition, busi-
nesses sometimes use graphics and presentation software, including multimedia
Document production software includes word processing software, desktop publishing
software, e-mail editors, and Web authoring software. All of these production tools have a
variety of features that assist you in writing and formatting documents. Most offer spell
checking to help you avoid typographical and spelling errors, as shown in Figure 28.
Spell checking a document
Figure 28
a wiggly red line
indicates a possible
spelling error
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