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Session 4.1
Choosing the Chart Location
In the final step of the Chart Wizard, you choose a location for the chart. You can either
create an embedded chart or a chart sheet. An embedded chart is a chart that is displayed
within a worksheet. The advantage of creating an embedded chart is that you can place the
chart alongside the data source, giving context to the chart. A chart sheet is a new sheet
that is automatically inserted into the workbook, occupying the entire workbook window
and thus providing more space and details for the chart. Figure 4-13 provides examples of
each type of chart.
Figure 4-13
E Example of an embedded chart and a chart sheet
embedded chart in the Sales worksheet
chart sheet named “Chart1”
For this first chart, you’ll embed the chart in the Sales worksheet.
To embed the clustered column chart in the Sales worksheet:
1. Make sure that the As object in option button is selected and that Sales is selected in the
adjacent list box.
2. Click the Finish button. Excel creates the column chart with the specifications you selected
and embeds the chart in the Sales worksheet, as shown in Figure 4-14.
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