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Session 4.1
Embedded column chart
Figure 4-14
Chart menu
replaces the
Data menu
selection handles
show cell ranges
used in the chart
Chart toolbar (it may
appear in a different
location on your
selection handles
indicate that the
chart is selected
embedded chart
Trouble? If the Chart toolbar is not visible, it may have been closed during a previous
Excel session. Click View on the menu bar, point to Toolbars, and then click Chart to redis-
play the toolbar.
When the Chart Wizard creates the embedded chart, the chart appears with selection
handles around it. The selection handles indicate that the chart is an active chart and is
ready for additional formatting. The Chart toolbar also appears when the chart is selected.
(Note that the Chart toolbar doesn’t always appear when a chart is selected if the toolbar
was closed in an earlier Excel session.) Another change that occurs is the Chart menu
replaces the Data menu on Excel’s menu bar. You will also find that certain Excel commands
are not available to you when a chart is the active object in the workbook window. When a
chart is not active, the default Excel menus return and the Chart toolbar disappears.
Try switching between the chart and the worksheet.
To switch between the embedded chart and the worksheet:
1. Click anywhere in the worksheet outside of the chart to deselect it. The Chart toolbar dis-
appears and the Data menu replaces the Chart menu on the menu bar. There are no selec-
tion handles around the chart.
2. Move the pointer over a blank area of the chart so that the pointer changes to and the
ScreenTip “Chart Area” displays in the chart, and then click in the empty chart area. The Chart
toolbar and the Chart menu reappear, and the selection handles appear around the chart.
Trouble? If you clicked one of the chart’s elements, you made that element active rather
than the entire chart. Click a blank area in the chart to select the entire embedded chart.
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