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Session 4.1
Moving and Resizing an Embedded Chart
The Chart Wizard has a default size and location for embedded charts, which might not
match what you want in your worksheet. In this case, the new chart is covering some of
the data in the Sales worksheet and the chart titles seem to overwhelm the plot area. You
will move the chart so you can see all of the sales data, and then you will make the chart
a little larger to make it easier to read.
To move and resize the embedded chart:
1. Verify that the embedded chart is still selected, and then move the pointer over a blank area
of the chart so that the pointer changes to
and the ScreenTip “Chart Area” displays.
2. Drag the embedded chart so that the upper-left corner of the chart aligns with the upper-
left corner of cell A11. Note that as you drag the chart with the pointer, an outline of the
chart area appears, which you can use as a guideline.
3. Release the mouse button when the chart is positioned correctly. The chart moves to a new
location in the worksheet.
To resize the chart, you drag a selection handle in the direction that you want the chart
resized. To keep the proportions of the chart the same, press and hold the Shift key as you
drag one of the corner selection handles.
4. Move your pointer over the lower-right selection handle until the pointer changes to
5. Drag the lower-right corner of the embedded chart until that corner is aligned with the
lower-right corner of cell F26.
6. Release the mouse button when the chart is resized, and then, if necessary, scroll the work-
sheet so the chart is visible. Figure 4-15 shows the chart, repositioned and resized.
Figure 4-15
Embedded chart moved and resized
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