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Session 4.1
Updating a Chart
Every chart you create is connected to its data source. As a result, if you change values in
the data source, Excel automatically updates the chart to reflect the change. This is true for
category labels as well as for data values.
Alicia sees two changes that she would like you to make to the Sales worksheet. First,
the European sales amount for the BrightStar 6 model should be $914,000, not $714,000.
She also wants to change the label “United States” to “USA.” You’ll make these changes
and observe how the embedded chart is automatically updated.
To update the column chart:
1. Scroll the worksheet so both the chart and the sales data are visible.
2. Click cell C6 , type 914000 , and then press the Enter key. The data marker corresponding
to European sales for the BrightStar 6 changes to reflect the new sales value.
3. Click cell B5 , type USA , and then press the Enter key. The x-axis reflects the change to the
category name.
Creating a Pie Chart
The second chart that Alicia sketched (shown in Figure 4-2) is a pie chart that shows the
relative contribution of each telescope model to the total sales. In a pie chart, the size of
each slice is determined by the relative value of a single data point to the sum of all val-
ues in the data series. Unlike the column chart you just created, a pie chart has only one
data series, which is the total sales for each model from all regions.
To create the pie chart:
1. Select the nonadjacent range A6:A9;E6:E9 , and then click the Chart Wizard button
on the Standard toolbar. The first step of the Chart Wizard opens.
2. Click Pie in the Chart type list box, make sure that the first chart sub-type Pie is selected,
and then click the Next button.
Because you already selected the data series for the chart, which appears in columns, you
do not have to make any changes, so you can bypass the second step of the Chart Wizard.
3. Click the Next button to move to the third step of the Chart Wizard. You will enter the
chart title that Alicia wants in this dialog box.
4. Make sure that the Titles tab is active, click the Chart title text box, and then type Total
Telescope Sales .
Next you will add data labels to the chart that display the percentage of sales for each model.
5. Click the Data Labels tab, and then click the Percentage check box. The preview of the
charts reflects the options you have chosen. See Figure 4-16.
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