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Session 4.1
After reviewing the pie chart, Alicia has a few questions about the chart’s appearance.
She wonders why the slices are organized the way they are and whether the arrangement
of the pie slices can be changed. The slices are arranged in a counterclockwise direction
following the order that they appeared in the table. The first entry is for the BrightStar 6
telescope, the next is for the BrightStar 8, and so forth. Alicia asks whether it would be
possible to move the placement of the BrightStar 6 telescope.
Rotating the Pie Chart
You cannot change the order in which the slices are arranged in the pie chart without
changing their order in the data series, but you can rotate the chart. This is done by break-
ing the chart into 360-degree increments, starting from the top of the pie. Using this
approach, the first slice starts at 0 degrees—a value that you can change. Based on Alicia’s
suggestion, you will change the starting point to 180 degrees, so that the first slice appears
at the bottom of the pie chart.
To rotate the pie chart:
1. Double-click the pie chart to open the Format Data Series dialog box, and then click the
Options tab.
2. Double-click the value in the Angle of first slice text box, and then click the Degrees up
arrow to increase the angle of first slice value to 180 . As you click the up arrow, the pie
chart in the preview pane rotates accordingly, as shown in Figure 4-18.
Rotating the pie chart 180 degrees
Figure 4-18
3. Click the OK button to close the dialog box.
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