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Session 4.2
Session 4.2
Modifying a Chart
In the last session, you used the Chart Wizard to create two charts. Although the Chart
Wizard presents you with a variety of choices concerning your chart’s appearance, the
wizard does not provide every possibility. To make further modifications to your charts,
you can use the formatting tools and commands available on the Chart toolbar and the
Chart menu.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
Editing the Data Source
After you create a chart, you can change the data that is used in the chart. You might need
to change the data if you selected the wrong data or if you decide to display a different
data series.
Reference Window
Editing the Data Source of a Chart
Select the chart whose data source you want to edit.
Click Chart on the menu bar, click Source Data, and then click the Series tab.
To remove a data series, select the data series in the Series list box, and click the
Remove button.
To add a data series, click the Add button, and then select the cell references for the
new data series.
To revise a data series, select the data series in the Series list box, click the reference
box for the data series, and then select a new cell reference.
Click the OK button.
Alicia can see from the charts that 16-inch telescopes comprise a small portion of
Vega’s sales. For this reason, she wants you to remove the NightVision 16 from the two
charts you created. You will begin by removing the NightVision 16 data series from the
column chart.
To remove the NightVision 16 data series from the column chart:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that Excel is running and the
Vega2 workbook is open.
2. Switch to the Sales worksheet, and then click the embedded column chart to select it.
3. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click Source Data . The Source Data dialog box
opens. Note that this dialog box is identical to the second dialog box in the Chart Wizard.
4. Click the Series tab, click NightVision 16 in the Series list box, and then click the Remove
button. The preview of the chart reflects the change you have made. See Figure 4-20.
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