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Session 4.2
Figure 4-21
Removing the NightVision 16 from the pie chart
modified pie
cha r t with the
NightVision 16
model excluded
percentage values
are changed to
reflect three
models rather
than four
revised cell
reference for the
data series values
revised cell
reference for
the data series
category labels
5. Click the OK button to save your changes to the chart.
Note that when you removed the NightVision 16 from the data series, the percentages
in the pie chart changed as well to reflect a total sales figure based on only three models
rather than four.
Changing the Chart Location
Alicia has decided that she prefers the chart sheet to the embedded chart. She wants you
to move the embedded column chart on the Sales worksheet to a chart sheet. Rather than
re-creating the chart using the Chart Wizard, you will use the Location command on the
Chart menu. You will move the embedded chart to a chart sheet, which you will name
“Column Chart of Sales.”
To change the location of the embedded column chart:
1. Switch to the Sales worksheet, and then, if necessary, click the embedded column chart to
select it.
2. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click Location . The Chart Location dialog box
opens. The dialog box is identical to the fourth dialog box in the Chart Wizard.
3. Click the As new sheet option button, type Column Chart of Sales as the name of the chart
sheet, and then click the OK button. The column chart moves into its own chart sheet.
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