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Session 4.2
Changing Chart Options
As mentioned, the dialog boxes to change the chart’s data source and location look iden-
tical to the dialog boxes for steps 2 and 4 of the Chart Wizard. Dialog boxes for the
remaining two Chart Wizard steps are also available through commands on the Chart
menu. Recall that the third step of the Chart Wizard allowed you to format the chart’s
appearance by adding or removing chart titles, gridlines, legends, and labels.
Alicia wants to revisit some of the chart options selected earlier. After seeing that the
percent labels in the pie chart provided useful information, she wants you to add labels to
the column chart displaying the actual sales values for each column. You will use the
Chart Options dialog box to make this change.
To revise the chart options for the column chart:
1. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click Chart Options . The Chart Options dialog box
opens. Note that the dialog box is identical to step 3 of the Chart Wizard.
2. Click the Data Labels tab.
3. Click the Value check box, and then click the OK button. The sales figures for each model
now appear above the corresponding column. See Figure 4-22. The values appear to be a
little crowded, and you will change this next.
Adding labels to the columns
Figure 4-22
Alicia has a few changes that she wants you to make to the chart labels. You cannot
make these changes by modifying the chart options. Instead, you have to format the indi-
vidual elements within the chart.
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