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Session 4.2
3. Click the Alignment tab.
4. In the Orientation section, change the value in the Degrees box to 90 . The text changes to
a vertical orientation with an angle of 90 degrees.
5. Click the Label Position list arrow, and then select Inside Base to display the values label
inside and at the base of each column in the chart. See Figure 4-23.
Changing the orientation of the data labels
Figure 4-23
you can also
drag the red
to change
the degree
of orientation
6. Click the OK button. The labels for the BrightStar 6 data series have been rotated
90 degrees and now appear in a yellow font at the base of the columns.
Next you’ll make a similar change to the labels for the BrightStar 8 data series. Rather than
double-clicking the label, you’ll use the shortcut menu.
7. Right-click the $2,160,000 label above the second column in the chart, click Format Data
Labels from the shortcut menu, and then repeat Steps 2 through 6 to change the label to a
white font rotated 90 degrees and displayed at the inside base of each column.
Finally, you’ll select the data labels for the NightVision 12 data series using the Chart toolbar.
8. Click the Chart Objects list arrow on the Chart toolbar, scroll down
the list of options, click “NightVision 12” Data Labels to select this chart element, and
then click the Format Data Labels button
on the Chart toolbar.
9. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 to rotate the label to 90 degrees and display it at the inside base
of each column. You don’t have to change the color of the font.
10. Click the OK button to save your changes. Figure 4-24 shows the revised labels for all of
the data series in the chart.
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