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Session 4.2
Figure 4-24
Revised data labels
Next, Alicia wants you to add some additional text to the chart.
Inserting Unattached Text
Excel classifies chart text in three categories: label text, attached text, and unattached text.
Label text includes the category names, the tick mark labels (which you’ve just worked
with), and the legend text. Label text often is linked to cells in the worksheet. Attached
text includes the chart title and the axes titles. Although the text appears in a predefined
position, you can edit and move it. Unlike label text, attached text is not linked to any
cells in the worksheet. Finally, unattached text is any additional text that you want to
include in the chart. Unattached text can be positioned anywhere within the chart area
and formatted with the same tools you use to format label and attached text.
To add unattached text to a chart, you type the text in the Formula bar. Excel automati-
cally creates a text box for the text entry and places the text box in the chart area. You can
then resize the text box and move it to another location in the chart area. You can format
the text using the Format Text Box dialog box.
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