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Session 4.2
4. Click the OK button twice to close the dialog boxes and redisplay the chart. Excel displays
the first column series with a dark-blue color on the left and right side of the column, giv-
ing it the illusion of appearing as a tube.
Next you will create a similar blend for the other columns.
5. Double-click the second column from the left in the chart to open the Format Data Series
dialog box.
6. Click the Fill Effects button to open the Fill Effects dialog box.
7. Click the One color option button, drag the scroll box to the Dark end of the shading
scale, make sure the Vertical option button is selected, select the bottom-right Variants
option, and then click the OK button twice.
8. Double-click the third column, and then repeat Steps 6 and 7 to create a one-color fill
effect that goes from the dark end of the ivory scale to the light end.
9. Click outside the chart area. Figure 4-27 shows the revised column chart with blends for
each of the three data series.
Figure 4-27
Columns with the applied fill effects
Using a Graphic Image as a Background
Next Alicia wants to replace the solid gray background with a graphic image. She has a
graphic file that shows an image from the Hubble telescope, which she thinks would
work well with the theme of telescope sales.
To insert this image into the chart, you will open the Format Plot Area dialog box.
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