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Data communications makes possible the production of documents referred to as
electronic publishing . Instead of printing and distributing documents on paper, many
businesses and individuals are transmitting them electronically by including them in
e-mail messages, posting them to the World Wide Web, or participating in electronic con-
ferences where participants can view documents simultaneously. Web authoring software
allows you to easily create Web pages. With Web authoring software, you can add text,
images, links, animation, and sound to a Web page for a Web site. You can also transform
word processing documents into Web pages.
Spreadsheet software is a numerical analysis tool that both businesses and individuals
use extensively. You can use spreadsheet software, for example, to maintain your check-
book register. Most people use a calculator to keep track of their bank accounts, but using
a spreadsheet has several advantages. Spreadsheet software creates a worksheet , com-
posed of a grid of columns and rows. Each column is lettered, and each row is numbered.
The intersection of a column and row is a cell , and each cell has a unique address, called
its cell reference . Figure 30 shows a typical worksheet that includes a simple calculation.
A typical worksheet
Figure 30
Numbers and text are
displayed in a grid of
rows and columns.
Cell B5 contains the
result of a calculation
performed by the
spreadsheet software.
You type numbers into the grid, then create formulas that perform calculations using
these numbers. In many ways, a spreadsheet is the ultimate calculator. Once your num-
bers are on the screen, you don’t have to reenter them when you want to redo a calcula-
tion with revised or corrected numbers.
With the appropriate data and formulas, you can use an electronic spreadsheet to pre-
pare financial reports, analyze investment portfolios, calculate amortization tables, exam-
ine alternative bid proposals, and project income, as well as perform many other tasks
involved in making informed business decisions. As an additional benefit, spreadsheet
software allows you to produce graphs and reports based upon the data. Figure 31 shows
the data in the spreadsheet in Figure 30 represented as a simple graph.
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