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Session 4.2
To fill the plot area with an image:
1. Click the Chart Objects list arrow
on the Chart toolbar, click Plot
Area , and then click the Format Plot Area button
on the Chart toolbar. The Format
Plot Area dialog box opens.
2. Click the Fill Effects button on the Patterns tab to open the Fill Effects dialog box.
3. Click the Picture tab, and then click the Select Picture button. The Select Picture dialog
box opens.
4. Navigate to the Tutorial.04\Tutorial folder, select the Space file, and then click the Insert
button. The image appears in the Fill Effects dialog box.
5. Click the OK button twice to close the dialog boxes, and then click outside the chart area.
Figure 4-28 shows the revised column chart with the new background image.
Chart with space background image
Figure 4-28
Graphic images can be applied to other elements in the chart. For example, you can
replace the data markers in the chart with graphic images. To do this, select the data
markers and open the Fill Effects dialog box that you used to create a background image
for the chart. Select the image file that you want to use in place of the data marker. If you
are working with a column chart, you can also choose to either stack or stretch the cho-
sen image to the height of the column. Figure 4-29 shows the effect of these two options
on the appearance of the column chart.
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