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Session 4.2
Figure 4-31
Revised scale for the y-axis
display unit
y-axis has been
rescaled and expressed
in thousands of dollars
labels have been
modified to reflect
the new display unit
In this chart, $2,500,000 is displayed as $2,500. Because you have changed the display
units in this way, you need to include information about the new value. Excel does this for
you by adding the text “Thousands” to the value axis. Also note that the label values for
each column now use the thousands display unit, so the Asian sales for the BrightStar 6
are displayed as $375 rather than $375,000.
Pleased with the latest version of the column chart, Alicia now wants you to go back to
the pie chart and make some modifications there.
Working with Three-Dimensional Charts
Many of the Excel charts can be displayed either as two-dimensional “flat” charts or as
charts that appear in three dimensions. Alicia wants you to change the pie chart to a
three-dimensional pie chart. To do this, you have to change the chart type.
To change the pie chart to 3-D:
1. Switch to the Pie Chart of Sales chart sheet.
2. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click Chart Type . The Chart Type dialog box opens.
3. Click the second chart sub-type in the top row, as shown in Figure 4-32.
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