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Session 4.2
the 3-D chart are farther away from you than others. Finally, you can rotate a 3-D chart
to bring different parts of the chart to the forefront. In a pie chart, you can change the
elevation and rotation, but not the perspective.
Alicia likes the 3-D view of the pie chart but feels that the angle of the pie is too low.
She wants you to change the angle of the pie so that the viewer is looking “down” on the
chart more.
To increase the elevation above the pie chart:
1. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click 3-D View . The 3-D View dialog box opens.
2. Click the Elevation up button twice to increase the elevation to 25 degrees. See Figure 4-34.
Note that there are also buttons that you can use to rotate the pie chart. Clicking one of the
rotation buttons is similar to the rotation setting that you applied to the pie chart at the end
of the first session.
Figure 4-34
3-D View dialog box
click to ch ange
the elevation
click to rotate
the 3-D object
3. Click the OK button. Excel redraws the pie chart, giving the illusion that the observer is at
an elevation above the chart.
The charts you have created present the sales data effectively, but Alicia also wants to
be sure that the top-selling telescope model is clearly illustrated.
Using the Drawing Toolbar
One of the big stories from the past fiscal year was the successful introduction of the
NightVision telescopes, and Alicia wants to highlight the fact that the company had in
excess of $1,800,000 in sales of the NightVision 12. She has seen charts that contain
shapes, like starbursts and block arrows, that give added emphasis to details and facts
contained in the chart. Alicia wants to do something similar with the pie chart.
To create a graphical shape, you can use the tools provided on the Drawing toolbar.
The Drawing toolbar is a common feature of all Office 2003 products. You can use the
Drawing toolbar to add text boxes, lines, block arrows, and other objects to charts and
worksheets. In Excel, an object is any entity that can be manipulated. A chart is an Excel
object, as are its elements. Next, you will learn how to use the Drawing toolbar to create
and format one type of object, an AutoShape.
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