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Session 4.2
Displaying the Drawing Toolbar
Depending on your Excel configuration, the Drawing toolbar may or may not be dis-
played in the Excel window when you start Excel. (The default is to not show the toolbar.)
As with all toolbars, you can choose to display or hide the Drawing toolbar. Although you
can display the Drawing toolbar using the View menu, you will display the toolbar by
clicking the Drawing button on the Standard toolbar.
To display the Drawing toolbar:
1. Click the Drawing button
on the Standard toolbar. The Drawing toolbar appears in the
workbook window.
2. If necessary, drag the Drawing toolbar to the bottom of the worksheet window, and then
release the mouse button. The Drawing toolbar should now be anchored to the bottom of
the window.
Now you will use the Drawing toolbar to add a drawing object to the pie chart.
Working with AutoShapes
The Drawing toolbar contains a list of predefined shapes called AutoShapes . These
AutoShapes can be simple squares or circles or more complicated objects such as flow
chart objects and block arrows. Once you insert an AutoShape into a chart or worksheet,
you can resize and move it, like any other object. You can modify the fill color of an
AutoShape, change the border style, and even insert text.
Inserting an AutoShape
Reference Window
Click the AutoShapes list arrow on the Drawing toolbar.
Point to the AutoShape category that you want to use, and then click the AutoShape that
you want to create.
Position the crosshair pointer over the location for the AutoShape in the chart or work-
sheet, and then drag the pointer over the area where you want the shape to appear. To
draw an AutoShape in the same proportion as the shape on the palette, press and hold
the Shift key as you drag the pointer to draw the shape.
Release the mouse button.
To resize an AutoShape, click the shape to select it, and then drag one of the nine selec-
tion handles.
To rotate an AutoShape, click the green rotation handle that is connected to the shape,
and drag the handle to rotate the shape.
To change the shape of the AutoShape, click the yellow diamond tool, and then drag the
tool to change the shape.
You will now add a multi-pointed star to the pie chart to highlight the success of the
NightVision 12 telescope.
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