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Session 4.2
away from the center (to decrease the size of the points). You may have also noticed a green
selection handle that is attached to the AutoShape through a vertical line. This is a rotation
handle. By clicking and dragging this handle, you can rotate the AutoShape.
Formatting an AutoShape
In addition to modifying the shape, size, and rotation of an AutoShape, you can add text
to it. To add text to an AutoShape, you first select it and then start typing the desired text.
The text will automatically be placed within the boundaries of the shape.
Inserting Text into an AutoShape
Reference Window
Click the border of the AutoShape to select the object.
Type the text you want to appear in the AutoShape.
Select the text within the AutoShape.
Format the text using the options on the Formatting toolbar.
Click outside of the shape to deselect it.
To highlight the success of the NightVision 12, you will add the text that Alicia wants to
the AutoShape star.
To insert text into the AutoShape:
1. Make sure that the 16-point star is still selected.
2. Type NightVision 12 Sales Exceed $1.8 Million!
3. Click Format on the menu bar, click AutoShape to open the Format AutoShape dialog box,
and then click the Alignment tab.
Trouble? If there is no Alignment tab in the dialog box that opens, close the dialog box.
Click the AutoShape again, making sure that the object, and not just its frame, is selected.
Then repeat Step 3.
4. Click the Horizontal list arrow, and then click Center .
5. Click the Vertical list arrow, click Center , and then click the OK button.
Trouble? If the text does not wrap logically within the boundaries of the AutoShape,
resize the star to better accommodate the text.
The star with text adds value to the overall appearance of the chart. However, the star
could use some background color to make it more visually interesting. In keeping with
the other colors you have been using in the charts, you will format the AutoShape by
adding a yellow background.
To change the background color of the AutoShape:
1. Make sure the 16-point star is still selected.
2. Click the Fill Color list arrow on the Drawing toolbar, and then click the Ivory square
(sixth row, third column) in the color palette.
Trouble? If the background color does not change to ivory, you may have selected the
text in the star rather than the star itself. Click the Undo button
on the Standard toolbar,
and then repeat Steps 1 and 2, being sure to select the AutoShape.
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