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Session 4.2
Printing Your Charts
Now that you have completed your work on the two charts for Alicia, you will make hard
copies of them. Printing a chart sheet is similar to printing a worksheet. As when printing
a worksheet, you should preview the printout before sending the worksheet to the printer.
From the Print Preview window, you can add headers and footers and control the page
layout, just as you do for printing the contents of your worksheets. You also have the
added option of resizing the chart to fit within the confines of a single printed page.
To print both charts at the same time, you will select both chart sheets, open Print
Preview, and then set up each chart to print on its own page.
To set up the two charts for printing:
1. Make sure the Pie Chart of Sales worksheet is the current sheet.
2. Press and hold the Shift key, and then click the Column Chart of Sales tab. Both chart
sheets are selected.
3. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. The Print Preview window
opens, showing the pie chart on the first of two pages.
4. Click the Setup button on the Print Preview toolbar to open the Page Setup dialog box.
The Page Setup options are similar to the options for printing a worksheet, except that a
new dialog box tab, Chart, appears.
5. Click the Chart tab. See Figure 4-37.
Chart tab in the Page Setup dialog box
Figure 4-37
Excel provides three choices for defining the size of a chart printout. These are:
Use full page: The chart is resized to fit the full page, extending to fit the full width and
height of the page. The proportions of the chart may change since it is extended in all
directions to fit the page. This is the default option.
Scale to fit page: The chart is resized until one of the edges reaches a page margin. The
chart expands in both dimensions (width and height) proportionally until one dimension
fills the space between the margins.
Custom: The dimensions of the printed chart are specified on the chart sheet using the
Zoom tool.
You will use the Scale to fit page option because you do not want to have the charts
resized disproportionately.
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