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Session 4.2
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Review Assignments
Data File needed for the Review Assignments: VegaUSA1.xls
Alicia has another workbook that shows the monthly United States sales for the three major
telescope models. She wants you to create a column chart showing the monthly United
States sales figures and a pie chart showing the total sales figures for each telescope model.
To complete this task:
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
1. Open the VegaUSA1 workbook located in the Tutorial.04\Review folder included with
your Data Files, and then save the workbook as VegaUSA2 to the same folder.
2. Enter your name and the current date in the Documentation sheet, and then switch to
the Monthly Sales worksheet.
3. Select the range A6:D18, and then start the Chart Wizard.
4. Use the Chart Wizard to create a column chart, using the first chart sub-type. Specify
“United States Telescope Sales” as the chart title, “Month” as the x-axis title, and “Sales
($U.S.)” as the y-axis title. Place the chart on a chart sheet named “Monthly Sales Chart.”
5. Format the x-axis labels, changing the alignment to 90 degrees.
6. Change the scale of the y-axis using thousands as the display unit.
7. Change the background color of the plot area to white. Apply a horizontal blending
effect to each column’s fill color.
8. Place the chart legend at the bottom of the chart. ( Hint : Open the Format Legend dia-
log box and select the Bottom option on the Placement tab.)
9. Use the Drawing toolbar to create an 8-point star located in the upper-left corner of
the chart area.
10. Insert the text “NightVision 12 sales remained high in Autumn!” into the 8-point star
you just created. Center the text both horizontally and vertically.
11. Change the fill color of the 8-point star to ivory, and apply Shadow Style 1 to the shape.
12. Return to the Monthly Sales worksheet, select the nonadjacent range B6:D6;B19:D19,
and use the Chart Wizard to create a 3-D pie chart of the data. Assign the chart the title
“Pie Chart of Total Sales” and display the sales values next to the pie slices. Place the
pie chart in a chart sheet named “Pie Chart of Total Sales.”
13. Apply the Late Sunset fill effect to the pie chart’s chart area.
14. Select both charts, and then open the Print Preview window.
15. Use the Setup dialog box to scale both charts to fit their respective pages and to add a
footer to the charts displaying your name and the date in the lower-right corner of the
page. Print the charts.
16. Save your changes to the workbook and then close it.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Park1.xls
Kenai Fjords National Park Maria Sanford is the chief of interpretation at Kenai Fjords
National Park. Part of her job is to report on park usage at the different sites and overall.
She has stored last year’s usage data in an Excel workbook. She would like you to represent
Use the skills you have
learned to create a 3-D
chart of usage data for a
national park.
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