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Session 4.2
Figure 4-38
To complete this task:
1. Create a new workbook and save it as BCancer in the Tutorial.04\Cases folder included
with your Data Files. The workbook should contain a Documentation sheet displaying
your name, the date, and the purpose of the workbook. Name one of the other work-
sheets “Breast Cancer Data,” and then add the titles and data shown in Figure 4-38.
2. Use the Chart Wizard to create an embedded XY (scatter) chart with no data points
connected. Specify “Mortality vs. Temperature” as the chart title. Specify
“Temperature (F)” as the title of the x-axis and “Mortality Index” as the title of the y-
axis. Remove the gridlines. Do not include a legend. The scatter chart should be
embedded on the Breast Cancer Data worksheet.
3. Change the scale of the x-axis to cover the temperature range 30 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Change the scale of the y-axis to cover the mortality index range 50 to 110.
5. Double-click one of the data points in the chart to open the Format Data Series dialog
box, and make the following changes to the appearance of the data points:
• Change the marker style to a circle that is 7 points in size.
• Change the background color of the circle to white.
• Change the foreground color of the circle to red.
6. Open the Add Trendline dialog box from the Chart menu, and select the Linear trend
line option on the Type tab. The purpose of the linear trend line is to display whether a
linear relationship exists between the 16 regions’ mean annual temperature and their
annual mortality index. Does it appear that such a relationship exists? What does a high
mean annual temperature imply about the annual mortality index?
7. Change the fill color of the plot area to light yellow.
8. Set up the worksheet to print in landscape orientation, centered horizontally and ver-
tically on the page. Enter your name and the date in the right section of the page’s
header. Print the chart.
9. Save your changes to the workbook and close it.
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