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Figure 32
Presentation software
Many programs allow users to use data created in one application in a document cre-
ated by another application. In fact, it is so easy to add a graphic to your word processing
document that you may forget the graphic was created and saved using graphics software.
Object linking and embedding ( OLE ) refers to the ability to use data from another file,
called the source . Embedding occurs when you copy and paste the source data in the new
file. Think of embedding as taking a snapshot of the original. No matter what happens to
the original, you still have the copy, as it appeared when you first copied it. Linking allows
you to create a connection between the source data and the copy in the new file. The link
updates the copy every time a change is made to the source data. The seamless nature of
OLE among some applications is referred to as integration , and the ability to integrate data
from all of your applications has become an important skill in business.
Photo editing software allows you to manipulate digital photos. You can make the
images brighter, add special effects to the photo, add additional images to a photo, or
crop the photo to include only relevant parts of the image. Examples of photo editing soft-
ware are Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Picture It!
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