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Object Linking and Embedding
Caitlin will begin marketing the new services offered by Lifestyles to the social work
departments at local hospitals. Hospital social workers help soon-to-be discharged
patients by establishing a discharge plan, which frequently includes home care services.
The social workers at local hospitals are already aware of Lifestyles because of the ser-
vices it currently provides. Caitlin plans to send a letter to the social work departments
announcing the new, expanded service offerings. She has drafted the body of the letter,
which describes the new service plans and introduces the new brochure. She wants the
letter to include the information from the state indicating that Lifestyles is the most
referred home care company, so she used the state’s information and created a pie chart.
She also wants the letter to include a table she has created outlining the company’s
growth over the past five years.
You’ll complete the letter for Caitlin using Microsoft Office 2003. She created the letter
in Word, but she created the chart and table in Excel. Fortunately, Office 2003 allows you
to share information between its programs.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this tutorial,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
Object Linking and Embedding
Caitlin’s letter requires the chart that she created in Excel comparing the number of refer-
rals to Lifestyles Home Care with the number of referrals to other home care companies
and the table showing the company’s growth. The first page of the letter, a Word docu-
ment, and the chart and table, Excel files, are shown in Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1
Lifestyles Home Care documents to integrate
Putting all these pieces together into one Word document is possible because Office
2003 supports object linking and embedding ( OLE , pronounced “oh-lay”), a way of
transferring and sharing information between programs. OLE is often referred to as
integration , which is a general term for sharing information (the terms are often used
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