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Object Linking and Embedding
Figure 1-3
Embedding contrasted with linking
Word is the
Excel is the source
Excel chart is the
Double-click the
embedded object to
edit it. Changes do not
appear in the source file.
Excel object is
embedded in Word
Word is the
destination program.
Excel is the
source program.
Excel data is linked to
Word document.
Changes made in the source file
automatically appear in the
destination file.
Caitlin wants to integrate the pie chart into the hospital letter. She knows that the data
in the chart will not change, but she might want to modify the chart’s size and appearance
once it is integrated into the letter, so she asks you to embed the pie chart in the letter.
Then she can use Excel commands to modify the chart from within the Word document.
Caitlin wants you to link the table listing the company’s growth over the past five years
between the Word document and the Excel workbook, because she does not yet have the
final numbers for the current year. This way, when Caitlin updates the data in the Excel
table, that latest information will appear in the Word document.
Caitlin has given you the Word file containing her letter. The first thing you’ll do is
embed the pie chart. You need to first start Word and then open the letter.
To open the letter in Word:
1. Start Word, and then open the document LHCLetter , which is located in the
Tutorial.01\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files. The letter opens in Print
Layout view. See Figure 1-4.
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