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Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document
To open the chart in Excel:
1. Start Excel as usual. You do not need to close the Word document or exit Word. Notice that
a Microsoft Excel - Book 1 button appears on the taskbar next to the Hospital Letter -
Microsoft Word button.
2. Open the workbook LHCServiceReferrals , which is located in the Tutorial.01\Tutorial
folder included with your Data Files. The workbook opens with a pie chart in the active
Trouble? If the Excel toolbars appear on one row, click Tools on the menu bar, click
Customize, click the Options tab in the Customize dialog box, click the Show Standard and
Formatting toolbars on two rows check box to select it, and then click the Close button.
3. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Save As to display the Save As dialog box.
4. Save the file as Referrals Chart in the Tutorial.01\Tutorial folder. See Figure 1-5.
Figure 1-5
Referrals worksheet with pie chart
chart area
Word button
on taskbar
Excel button
o n taskbar
With both programs and files open, you can embed the pie chart into the letter.
Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document
Caitlin wants her letter to include the pie chart showing the current distribution of services
provided by Lifestyles Home Care. The data for the chart will not change, so you’ll embed
the pie chart from the source file into the Word document. That way, if Caitlin wants to
resize or modify the format of the pie chart in the letter, she can make these changes using
Excel commands without affecting the source file. (Recall that when you embed an
object, you automatically have access to the object’s source program commands and fea-
tures to manipulate the embedded object in the destination program.)
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