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Embedding an Excel Chart in a Word Document
2. Click the Copy button on the Excel Standard toolbar to copy the chart to the
Clipboard. The chart now appears with a rotating, dashed line around its frame, indicating
that it has been copied.
Trouble? If the Copy button is not available, you probably clicked the chart instead of the
chart area. Click any cell in the worksheet to deselect the chart item, click the white area
around the chart, and then repeat Step 2.
3. Click the Hospital Letter - Microsoft Word button on the taskbar to return to the Hospital
Letter document.
4. Click to the left of the paragraph mark immediately above the second paragraph in the
body of the letter, which begins “Beginning in January 2007”, to position the insertion
point where you need to embed the pie chart. See Figure 1-7.
Figure 1-7
Placement for the pie chart in the hospital letter
click here to
position the
insertion point
5. Click Edit on the menu bar, and then click Paste Special . The Paste Special dialog box
opens. See Figure 1-8.
Figure 1-8
Paste Special dialog box
Paste option
button selecte d
to embed chart
in document
instead of
linking it
pie chart object
to be embedded
6. Make sure the Paste option button is selected. This option will embed the chart. If you
wanted to link the chart, you would click the Paste link option button.
7. In the As list box, click Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object , if necessary, to select the
chart as the object to embed.
Trouble? If the Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object option does not appear in the As list
box, you might not have selected and copied the chart correctly. Click the Cancel button in
the Paste Special dialog box, click the Microsoft Excel - Referrals Chart button on the
taskbar, and then repeat Steps 1 through 6, making sure that when you select the chart, sizing
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