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Modifying an Embedded Object
To edit the pie chart from within Word:
1. Double-click the embedded chart in the hospital letter. After a moment, a dashed border
appears around the chart, and Excel commands and buttons appear in the Word menu bar
and toolbars. See Figure 1-10.
Figure 1-10
Active Excel chart in the hospital letter
Excel menu bar
Excel toolbars
chart in an
Excel window
in the Word
Chart toolbar
might not appear
on your screen
Now you can modify the chart. The chart is a 3-D pie chart, and you want to rotate it so
that the Lifestyles pie wedge appears in front. You do this using the 3-D View dialog box.
2. Click Chart on the menu bar, and then click 3-D View . The 3-D View dialog box opens. See
Figure 1-11.
Figure 1-11
3-D View dialog box
chart preview
rotation button
text box
The Rotation text box shows the current value of 0, and the chart preview shows the
median line pointing straight up. You want to move the Lifestyles wedge from the right
side of the pie to the front of the pie, so you need to move the median line clockwise, from
the right to the left.
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