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Multimedia authoring software allows you to record digital sound files, video files, and
animations that can be included in presentations and other documents. Macromedia
Director and MicroMedium Digital Trainer Professional are two examples of software that
you can use to create files that include multimedia. You can sequence and format the
screens into tutorials or presentations. Like Web authoring software, multimedia authoring
software also uses hypertext to link documents so that the reader can easily navigate from
one document to another. Most application software allows users to integrate these multi-
media elements into other types of files.
Finally, you must also consider information management software. Business people benefit
greatly from using this type of software, which keeps track of their schedules, appointments, con-
tacts, and “to-do” lists. Most e-mail software allows users to add all the information about con-
tacts to the list of e-mail addresses. In addition, some software, such as Microsoft Outlook,
combines a contact list with information management components, such as a calendar and to-do
list. Some information software allows you to synchronize information between a PDA and a
desktop or notebook computer. The main screen of Microsoft Outlook is shown in Figure 33.
Figure 33
Information management software
You are now ready to approach Mr. Paik with your recommendations for personal com-
puter hardware, network access, and software. Look back at Figure 1 to be sure that you
understand each specification listed. Also consider the software options you should recom-
mend. What will you include? The computer ad already lists Microsoft Windows, so your
recommendation should include document production, spreadsheet, and database man-
agement software that is compatible with Microsoft Windows. Current versions of Windows
include e-mail and network communication software, including Web browsing and Web
authoring software. Here’s hoping that Mr. Paik approves your recommendations. Good luck!
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