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Linking an Object from Excel to Word
3. Click the clockwise rotation button until the Rotation text box shows the value 110 . As
you click the clockwise rotation button, watch the pie chart move in the preview box.
4. Click the OK button. The Lifestyles pie wedge appears at the front of the pie chart. See
Figure 1-12.
Revised embedded pie chart
Figure 1-12
Lifestyles pie
wedge in front
5. Click a blank area of the document outside of the selected chart to deselect the chart and
return to Word’s menus and toolbars.
6. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar to save the document.
If you were to open the Referrals Chart workbook, you would see that the pie chart there
remained unchanged.
Your final task is to include the table outlining the growth of Lifestyles Home Care over the
past five years in the letter. To do this, you will link the table from Excel to Word.
Linking an Object from Excel to Word
Caitlin created an Excel workbook named LHCGrowth showing the growth of the
Lifestyles Home Care agency over the past five years. She does not yet have the final num-
bers for the current year, so, unlike the information in the pie chart, the table is subject to
change. Because Caitlin wants you to finish setting up the letter now, you’ll link the table
from the LHCGrowth workbook to the Hospital Letter document instead of embedding it
as you did the chart. When Caitlin receives the current year’s data, she can update the
table in the Excel workbook, and the changes will appear in the Word document. This will
keep the information up to date in both files.
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