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Linking an Object from Excel to Word
Caitlin just received the current year’s figures from her assistant. She asks you to update
the growth table with the new information.
Updating Linked Objects
Now that you have linked the table from the workbook to the letter, you can edit the
information in the source file (the Excel workbook), and the changes will appear in the
Word document. When making changes, you can have one or both files open.
To update the table in Excel:
1. Switch back to Word, right-click the Excel table in the Word document, point to Linked
Worksheet Object on the shortcut menu, and then click Open Link . The source file opens
in Excel.
Trouble? If the Linked Worksheet Object command is not on the shortcut menu, click a
blank area of the document, and then try right-clicking the table again.
2. Right-click a blank area of the taskbar and then click Tile Windows Horizontally on the
shortcut menu. The source and destination files each appear in a reduced window, stacked
one on top of the other.
Trouble? If you see more than two windows on your screen, then you had more than two
documents open. Close all open documents except the Hospital Letter Word document and
the Growth Table Excel workbook, and then repeat Step 2.
3. Scroll the Word window so that you can see the first item of the table in the document.
4. Click in the Excel window to make it the active window, and then scroll the Excel window so
that you can see the first item of the table in the worksheet.
The first entry you need to add is Personal Care in 2006.
5. In the Excel window, click cell F7 , type 902 , and then press the Enter key.
6. Click anywhere in the Word window to make it the active window, right-click anywhere in
the table, click Update Link on the shortcut menu, and then scroll back up the document,
if necessary, to see the top of the table. The number you added in the Excel worksheet for
the number of clients receiving personal care in 2006, 902, now appears in the destination
document because you linked the table from Excel to Word. See Figure 1-16.
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