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Linking an Object from Excel to Word
Linked documents tiled horizontally
Figure 1-16
new value entered here
value updated here
Trouble? If the Update Link command is not on the shortcut menu, click a blank area of
the document, and then right-click the table again.
7. Right-click a blank area of the taskbar, and then click Undo Tile on the shortcut menu to
view just one program window at a time.
8. Click the Save button on the Word Standard toolbar to save the changes to the letter.
Trouble? If Word is not the active program window, click the Hospital Letter - Microsoft
Word button on the taskbar to switch to the letter.
What would happen if you were working on the new growth table in Excel without the
Word document open? Would you still be able to update the information in the letter? To
find out, enter the rest of the data for 2006 in the Excel workbook with the Word document
closed. You can then reopen the letter to verify that the changes appear there as well.
To edit the linked object with the Word document closed:
1. Close the letter, and then click the Microsoft Excel - Growth Table button on the taskbar.
The Growth Table worksheet becomes the active window.
2. Enter 1075 in cell F8, enter 73 in cell F9, and then enter 302 in cell F10.
3. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar.
4. Click the Microsoft Word button on the taskbar, click File on the menu bar, and then look
for Hospital Letter near the bottom of the File menu. The filename will be preceded by the
number 1 and by the drive and folder name in which the file is stored.
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