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Linking an Object from Excel to Word
5. Click Hospital Letter to open the letter. A dialog box opens telling you that the document
contains links and asking if you want to update the links.
6. Click the Yes button, and then scroll the document to view the linked table. Notice that the
new data for 2006 appears in the linked table in Word. See Figure 1-17.
Figure 1-17
Values updated in linked document
new values
Linked documents are effective in many cases, but sometimes you’ll want to break the link.
Breaking Links
Once you are finished working with linked documents, you can break the link between
the two documents. You do this by using the Links command on the Edit menu in the des-
tination file. Once you break a link, the only changes you can make to the object in the
destination file are resizing, moving, and deleting. Also, any such changes you make to
the object in the source file no longer appear in the destination file once the link is bro-
ken. In other words, when you break the link, the object acts as a pasted picture in the
destination file.
Reference Window
Breaking the Link Between Linked Objects
In the destination program, click Edit on the menu bar, and then click Links to open the
Links dialog box.
Select the appropriate entry in the Source file list box, click the Break Link button, and
then click the Yes button.
Save the destination file to ensure that the link will be broken.
You are finished updating the growth table with the data from the current year, and you
are ready to give Caitlin the finished letter. Because the data in the table is final, Caitlin
asks you to break the link between the Hospital Letter document and the Growth Table
workbook, so that she can store the letter and workbook separately.
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