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Quick Check
Quick Check
1. What is an object?
2. What is the difference between embedding an object and linking an object?
3. When an object is embedded between two programs, how many copies of the
object exist?
4. If an Excel chart is linked to a Word document, which program is the source program?
5. True or False: Any changes you make to a linked object in the source file appear in
both the destination and source files.
6. If you no longer want an object linked between two documents, what should you do?
7. If you break the link between the source Excel file and the destination Word file,
change the number of Personal Care clients in 2006 from 902 to 1000 in the Excel
file, and then close the Word file without saving changes, what will the number of
Personal Care clients be when you reopen the Word file? Why?
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this tutorial,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you learned how to integrate Excel data in a Word document. You learned
how to copy data from an Excel workbook and how to embed the copied data in a Word
document. You also accessed commands in Excel (the source program) to modify the embed-
ded object from within the document in Word (the destination program). You also integrated
data by linking copied data from Excel to a Word document. You then learned how to update
the links in Word (the destination program) after the data was changed in Excel (the source
program). Finally, you learned how to break the links in the destination program.
Key Terms
destination file
destination program
object linking and
embedding (OLE)
source file
source program
Review Assignments
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: LHCMemo.doc, LHCServicesDistribution.xls,
and LHCGrowthUpdated.xls
Caitlin wants to send a memo to all Lifestyles employees introducing the plans for the
expanded offerings and the new brochure. She already wrote the memo, and she asks you
to embed an Excel chart showing the current distribution of services offered by Lifestyles.
She also wants you to link an Excel worksheet listing the updated growth figures for the
past five years.
Get hands-on practice
of the skills you learned
in the tutorial using the
same case scenario.
To create the memo:
1. Start Word, and then open the Word document LHCMemo in the Tutorial.01\Review
folder included with your Data Files.
2. Save the document as Employee Memo in the same folder.
3. Start Excel, and then open the LHCServicesDistribution workbook in the
Tutorial.01\Review folder included with your Data Files.
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