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Case Problems
2. Save the document as School Letter in the same folder.
3. At the top of the letter, replace the <Current Date> placeholder text with the current
date. At the bottom of the letter, replace Caleb Jacobson’s name with your own.
4. Start Excel, and then open the MusicRentals workbook in the Tutorial.01\Cases folder
included with your Data Files.
5. Save the workbook as Rental Fees in the same folder.
6. Copy cells A9 through E17 in the Rental Prices worksheet to the Clipboard.
7. Switch to Word.
8. Link the Excel worksheet object into the Word document in the blank paragraph
above the second paragraph in the body of the letter, matching the style of the Word
document, and then save the document.
9. Switch to Excel.
10. Change the purchase price of a clarinet to $720, and then save the changes to the
11. Switch to Word and update the link. Note that the change you just made in the previ-
ous step is now reflected in the Word document.
12. Center the table, and then save the changes to the letter.
13. Switch to Excel, and then click the Rentals Chart 2005–2006 sheet tab in the Rental
Fees workbook to make that worksheet active.
14. Copy the pie chart to the Clipboard. ( Hint : There is no need to select the chart before
you copy it because it is on its own chart sheet.)
15. Switch to Word, position the insertion point above the last paragraph in the body of the
letter, and then click the Paste button to embed the pie chart in the school letter. When
the Paste Options button appears, click it, and then click Excel Chart (entire workbook).
(This is the same as using the Paste option in the Paste Special dialog box.)
16. Click the embedded chart once to select it, and then drag the lower-left sizing handle
up and to the right approximately one inch to resize the chart so that it is small
enough to fit on the page.
17. Edit the embedded chart so that the data labels show the percentage as well as the
category name. ( Hint : Right-click anywhere on the pie chart after you’ve activated
Excel from within the letter, click Format Data Series on the shortcut menu, and then
click the Data Labels tab in the Format Data Series dialog box.) Drag individual
labels as necessary to make them readable on the chart. Click outside the chart to
deselect it.
18. Switch to Excel. Note that the change you made in the previous step is not reflected
in the Excel worksheet.
19. Close the Rental Fees workbook.
20. Save the School Letter document, and then preview it. Make any adjustments neces-
sary so that the page break is in a logical spot, and then print the document.
21. Exit all open programs, saving changes if prompted.
Case Problem 2
Data File needed for this Case Problem: TutorFees.xls
Learning Fulfillment Centers In 1997, Enrique Garcia founded Learning Fulfillment
Centers in Phoenix, Arizona, to offer tutoring services for students who need extra help to
keep up with their class work. He received so many requests for advanced course work that
he quickly expanded his offerings to include advanced work for students who wanted to
move ahead. In early 2001, Enrique opened two more offices in greater Phoenix. One of the
reasons Learning Fulfillment Centers has been successful is the initial assessment that the
Expand the skills you
learned in this tutorial
to create a document
and then link and
update Excel tables to
the document.
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