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Tutorial 1
Tutorial 1
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003
Viewing and Working with a Table Containing Employer Data
Northeast Seasonal Jobs International (NSJI)
During her high school and college years, Elsa Jensen spent her summers working as a lifeguard for some of the
most popular beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Throughout those years, Elsa met many foreign students who
had come to the United States to work for the summer, both at the beaches and at other seasonal businesses,
such as restaurants and hotels. Elsa formed friendships with several students and kept in contact with them
beyond college. Through discussions with her friends, Elsa realized that foreign students often have a difficult
time finding appropriate seasonal work, relying mainly on “word-of-mouth” references to locate jobs. Elsa
became convinced that there must be an easier way.
Several years ago, Elsa founded Northeast Seasonal Jobs, a small firm located in Boston that served as a job broker
between foreign students seeking part-time, seasonal work and resort businesses located in New England. Recently
Elsa expanded her business to include resorts in the eastern provinces of Canada, and consequently she changed
her company’s name to Northeast Seasonal Jobs International (NSJI). At first the company focused mainly on sum-
mer employment, but as the business continued to grow, Elsa increased the scope of operations to include all
types of seasonal opportunities, including foliage tour companies in the fall and ski resorts in the winter.
Elsa depends on computers to help her manage all areas of NSJI’s operations, including financial management,
sales, and information management. Several months ago the company upgraded to Microsoft Windows and
Microsoft Office Access 2003 (or simply Access ), a computer program used to enter, maintain, and retrieve
related data in a format known as a database. Elsa and her staff use Access to maintain data such as information
about employers, positions they have available for seasonal work, and foreign students seeking employment. Elsa
recently created a database named Seasonal to track the company’s employer customers and data about their
available positions. She asks for your help in completing and maintaining this database.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Open a form
• Open Access objects in
the appropriate views
Session 1.1
• Define the terms field,
record, table, relational
database, primary key,
and foreign key
• Open an existing
• Identify the components
of the Access and
Database windows
• Open and navigate
a table
• Learn how Access saves
a database
• Open an existing
• Start Access
Session 1.2
• Open an existing query,
and create, sort, and
navigate a new query
• Create and navigate
a form
• Create, preview, and
navigate a report
• Learn how to manage
a database by backing
up, restoring, compact-
ing, and converting a
• Compact on close
• Convert an Access 2000
database to
2002-2003 format
• Create a report using
Report Wizard
• Create a summary
report using Report
• Create auto forms
• Create queries using
• Create Select queries
using the Simple Query
• Open a query
• Sort records in a
• Use database tools to
compact a database
• Use the Backup
Database command
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page AC 2.
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