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Session 1.1
Employer table displayed in Datasheet view
Figure 1-6
field selector for EmployerName field
table name
field name
scroll bars
current record
record selector
for second
Tab l e
number box
total number of
records in the table
Datasheet view shows a table’s contents as a datasheet in rows and columns, similar to a
table or spreadsheet. Each row is a separate record in the table, and each column contains
the field values for one field in the table. Each column is headed by a field name inside a
field selector, and each row has a record selector to its left. Notice that the field names are
displayed with spaces between words—such as “Employer ID” instead of “EmployerID” and
“Employer Name” instead of “EmployerName.” (You’ll learn how to change the display of
field names later in this text.) Clicking a field selector or a record selector selects that entire
column or row (respectively), which you then can manipulate. A field selector is also called
a column selector , and a record selector is also called a row selector .
Navigating an Access Datasheet
When you first open a datasheet, Access selects the first field value in the first record.
Notice that this field value is highlighted and that a darkened triangle symbol, called the
current record symbol, appears in the record selector to the left of the first record. The
current record symbol identifies the currently selected record. Clicking a record selector
or field value in another row moves the current record symbol to that row. You can also
move the pointer over the data on the screen and click one of the field values to position
the insertion point.
The Employer table currently has 13 fields and 45 records. To view fields or records not
currently visible in the datasheet, you can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars shown in
Figure 1-6 to navigate the data. The navigation buttons , also shown in Figure 1-6, provide
another way to move vertically through the records. Figure 1-7 shows which record becomes
the current record when you click each navigation button. The record number box , which
appears between the two sets of navigation buttons, displays the current record number. The
total number of records in the table appears to the right of the navigation buttons.
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