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Session 1.2
Opening an Existing Query
Queries that you create and save appear in the Queries list of the Database window. To see
the results of a query, you open, or run, the query. Elsa created and saved a query named
Contacts in the Seasonal database. This query shows all the fields from the Employer table,
but in a different order. Elsa suggests that you open this query to see its results.
To open the Contacts query:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that Access is running and that
the Seasonal database is open.
2. Click Queries in the Objects bar of the Database window to display the Queries list. The
Queries list box contains one object—the Contacts query. See Figure 1-8.
Figure 1-8
List of queries in the Seasonal database
l is t of existing
object selected
Now you will run the Contacts query by opening it.
3. Click Contacts to select it, and then click the Open button in the Database window. Access
displays the results of the query in Datasheet view. See Figure 1-9.
Figure 1-9
Results of running the Contacts query
Query window title bar
fields appear in a different order
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