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Session 1.2
Query results
Figure 1-11
selected fields
are displayed
all 45 records
are included
in the results
The datasheet displays the six selected fields for each record in the Employer table. The
fields are shown in the order you selected them, from left to right.
The records are currently listed in order by the primary key field (EmployerID from the
Employer table). This is true even though the EmployerID field is not included in the dis-
play of the query results. Zack prefers the records listed in order by state or province, so
that his staff members can focus on all records for the employers in a particular state or
province. To display the records in the order Zack wants, you need to sort the query
results by the StateProv field.
To sort the query results:
1. Click to position the insertion point anywhere in the State/Prov column. This establishes the
State/Prov column as the current field.
2. Click the Sort Ascending button on the Query Datasheet toolbar. Now the records are
sorted in ascending alphabetical order by the values in the State/Prov column. All the
records for Connecticut (CT ) are listed first, followed by the records for Massachusetts
(MA), Maine (ME), and so on.
Notice that the navigation buttons are located at the bottom of the window. You navigate a
query datasheet in the same way that you navigate a table datasheet.
3. Click the Last Record navigation button . The last record in the query datasheet, for
the Darby Inn & Restaurant, is now the current record.
4. Click the Previous Record navigation button
. Record 44 in the query datasheet
is now the current record.
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