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Review Questions
Review Questions
1. What is the key to a computer’s versatility?
a. software c. price
b. hardware d. peripherals
2. Which one of the following would not be considered a personal computer?
a. desktop c. mainframe
b. notebook d. personal digital assistant
3. Keyboards, monitors, hard disk drives, printers, and motherboards are all examples of
which of the following?
a. input devices c. peripherals
b. output devices d. hardware
4. The selection of components that make up a particular computer system is referred to
as the .
a. configuration c. protocol
b. specification d. device driver
5. Moving text, sorting lists, and performing calculations are examples of which of the
a. input c. processing
b. output d. storage
6. What do you call each 1 or 0 used in the representation of computer data?
a. a bit c. an ASCII
b. a byte d. a pixel
7. What usually represents one character of data?
a. a bit
c. an integer
b. a byte
d. a pixel
8. What is a megabyte?
a. 10 kilobytes c. one-half a gigabyte
b. about a million bytes d. about a million bits
9. Which one of the following microprocessors is fastest?
a. 200 MHz c. 2.4 GHz
b. 2.66 GHz d. 233 MHz
10. Which of the following temporarily stores data and programs while you are using them?
a. ROM c. RAM
b. a floppy disk d. a hard disk
11. What do you call a collection of data stored on a disk under a name that you
assign it?
a. a file
c. a protocol
b. the operating system
d. a pixel
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