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Session 1.2
New Form dialog box
Figure 1-12
o p tion to design
your own form
Form Wizards
click to select the
table or query on
which to base
the form
The top list box provides options for designing your own form or creating a form using one
of the Form Wizards. In the bottom list box, you choose the table or query that will supply
the data for the form.
3. Click AutoForm: Columnar to select this AutoForm Wizard.
4. Click the list arrow for choosing the table or query on which to base the form, and then
click Employer .
5. Click the OK button. The AutoForm Wizard creates the form and displays it in Form view.
See Figure 1-13.
Form created by the AutoForm: Columnar Wizard
Figure 1-13
Formatting toolbar
Form View toolbar
Trouble? The placement of the Form View and Formatting toolbars might be different on
your screen. If you want your screen to match the figures, you can use the mouse to drag a
toolbar to a new location, using the dotted line at the left edge of a toolbar. However, the
position of any toolbar does not affect your ability to complete the steps.
Trouble? The background of your form might look different from the one shown in
Figure 1-13, depending on your computer’s settings. If so, don’t worry. You will learn how
to change the form’s style later in this text. For now, continue with the tutorial.
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