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Session 1.2
Sketch of Zack’s report
Figure 1-14
Employer Name
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Employer Name
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
To produce the report for Zack, you’ll use the AutoReport: Columnar Wizard, which is
similar to the AutoForm: Columnar Wizard you used earlier when creating the
EmployerData form. An AutoReport Wizard , like an AutoForm Wizard, places all the fields
from a selected table (or query) on a report, making it the quickest way to create a report.
To create the report using the AutoReport: Columnar Wizard:
1. Click Reports in the Objects bar of the Database window, and then click the New button in
the Database window to open the New Report dialog box, which is similar to the New Form
dialog box you saw earlier.
2. Click AutoReport: Columnar to select this wizard for creating the report.
Because Zack wants the same data as in the EmployerList query, you need to choose that
query as the basis for the report.
3. Click the list arrow for choosing the table or query on which to base the report, and then
click EmployerList .
4. Click the OK button. The AutoReport Wizard creates the report and displays it in Print
Preview, which shows exactly how the report will look when printed.
To view the report better, you’ll maximize the window and change the Zoom setting so that
you can see the entire page.
5. Click the Maximize button on the Report window title bar, click the Zoom list arrow (to
the right of the value 100%) on the Print Preview toolbar, and then click Fit . The entire first
page of the report is displayed in the window. See Figure 1-15.
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