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Session 1.2
Printing Specific Pages of a Report
After creating a report, you typically print it to distribute it to others who need to view the
report’s contents. You can choose to print the entire report, using the Print toolbar button
or the Print menu option, or you can select specific pages of a report to print. To specify
certain pages to print, you must use the Print option on the File menu. In this case, you
will print only the first page of the EmployerList report.
Note : To complete the following steps, your computer must be connected to a printer.
To print only the first page of the report:
1. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Print . The Print dialog box opens. See Figure 1-16.
Print dialog box
Figure 1-16
your sett ings
will vary
option for
a range of pages
to print
Trouble? The settings shown for the Name, Type, and Where options in your Print dialog
box will vary from those shown in the figure, depending on the printer you are using.
The Print dialog box provides options for printing all the pages in the report or a specified
range of pages. In this case, you will print just the first page of the report, so you need to
specify a range of “From” page 1 “To” page 1.
2. In the Print Range section, click the Pages option button. Notice that the insertion point
now appears in the From box so that you can specify the first page to be printed.
3. Type 1 , press the Tab key to move to the To box, and then type 1 . These settings will cause
only the first page of the report to be printed.
4. Click the OK button. The first page of the EmployerList report prints on your selected
Trouble? If your report did not print, make sure that your computer is connected to a
printer, and that the printer is turned on and ready to print. Then repeat Steps 1 through 4.
At this point, you could close the report without saving it because you can easily re-create
it at any time. In general, it’s best to save an object—report, form, or query—only if you antic-
ipate using the object frequently or if it is time-consuming to create, because these objects
use considerable storage space on your disk. However, Zack wants to keep the report until he
receives feedback from his staff members about its layout, so he asks you to save it.
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